Due to the recent high traffic recorded in the past few days, it has become imperative to implement some additional measures to keep our staff and shoppers safe and also to provide essential retail services to the community.

For a visual guide on the measures you’ll see in place on your next visit, please click here. (Insert that infographic).

A comprehensive list of all safety measures in place can be found below:

▪︎ Increased deep cleaning of all public spaces and touch points throughout the day.

▪︎Mandatory wearing of masks whilst visiting the centre to ensure a safe place for visitors and staff. Face masks can be purchased from the booth underneath the staircase just before KFC and Chicken Republic.

▪︎Signs and messages posted on every exit door to serve as reminders to abide by safety protocols for both staff and shoppers.

▪︎Cycle racks are available for shoppers that have bicycle should car traffic persist especially for residents living in proximity to the mall.

▪︎To enforce compliance, customers will be asked to keep their face masks on and maintain physical distancing by our protocol officers taking the rounds.

▪︎Hand sanitiser dispensers are located at every entrance into the mall and wash-hand basins with liquid soap are available at the pedestrian gates.

▪︎Queuing measures may be put in place to manage the number of customers inside a shop at any one time, customers may be asked to visit later if there are long queues outside a shop.

▪︎Regular public broadcast announcements throughout the centre to promote all our safety guidelines.

▪︎To ensure the safety of customers and staff we may need to restrict entry to the mall at busier times. 

For more info on coronavirus and support available in Lagos Nigeria, visit


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