What are the basic requirements for applying for a shop in ICM?

A dully completed tenant enquiry form. Other requirements are listed in the form. Prospective tenants that qualify are then contacted.

Can events/activations hold at the car park?

Yes it can, however safety protocols must be in place. kindly call +234(806) 8582 039 for more details.

Are school excursions allowed in ICM?

Yes, but within set rules. Kindly make a prior arrangement at the Centre Management office.
kindly send an email to info@ikejacitymall.com.ng

Is shooting of videos, photo sessions and research surveys permitted in ICM?

You will require permission to proceed with this. kindly call +234(806) 8582 039  or visit the center management office.

What is the average cost implication for renting a shop in the mall?

This will not be disclosed without pre-qualification to be tenant.

Is the Centre Management open on weekends?

Yes. Saturday 10am- 17:00 pm & Sunday 12pm- 17:00 pm & 24 hours security.

Is distribution of flyers permitted in ICM?

No. Tenants of ICM only by arrangement.

What is the cost implication of running an activation in ICM?

This will be disclosed on enquiry. kindly check the updated exhibition brochure

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