Woodin is the first Pan- African print brand by and for Africa, and have worked since 1985 to connect global trends to modern African life, transforming ethnic symbols into modern African design. The attractive combinations blend hand drawing with a creative and confident attitude to deliver new designs every day.

Trendy modern textiles and ready-to-wear fashion, embodying the rich and beautiful African culture are now availbale in our store in Ikeja mall for our consumers in Nigeria. Woodin fabrics come in a variety of metallic and non-metallic prints in a myriad of trendy designs; beautiful colours and amazing quality textures.Woodin also offers ready-to-wear for men and women and fashion accessories inspired by the latest international fashion trends.

As market leaders in African fashion, Woodin has its own retail concept that enables consumers to have a complete Woodin experience. You will be awed by Woodin’s Experience Zone which has been sectioned for in-store activities. Here, consumers can enjoy rythymic tunes and also get fashion inspiration from digital screens and smart frames which form part of the Woodin wall.

Visit the Woodin store in the Ikeja City Mall, entrance 2, L46, Lagos to experience our unique store concept and trendy products. Woodin, Le Createur



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